Solar power is not just a green choice anymore.

Being a tropical country that is blessed with sunlight all year round, Sri Lanka certainly is one of the best places on Earth where energy consumers can convert into next-generation energy providers. However at present, the use of conventional power sources such as diesel and petrol play the main role in producing electricity via the conventional megawatt power generators of the National Grid. Further, the volatile prices of fossil fuel products reflect in your monthly electricity bill. We are here to offer you the best way out by cutting down exponentially high electricity costs with our effective solar energy solutions.

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Residential Solar Solutions

Residential solutions for your home that will support the daily power consumption.


Businesses and Commercial Solutions

Most suitable for businesses and organizations operating in large power capacity, to reduce their electricity and fuel expenditure. This will support the reduction of carbon footprint exponentially.


Investment Solutions

Power and Energy is a lucrative industry to invest in. Amazing Solar reconnoitres the possibilities of commercially sustainable investment ventures for interested parties. This is not only a profitable business but a socially conscious and environmentally friendly one.